Hope soars for Haiti

Posted on: enero 13, 2011

From: PR Daily Sun
January 13, 2011
Daily Sun, Vicente Vélez
Adriana Sofia Villaran, 8, flies a kite Wednesday as Gloribel Delgado joins in the celebration of hope for Haiti.
Some 40 people from all walks of life, including schoolteachers, children, nuns and journalists sent handmade kites to the sky on the grounds of El Morro Castle in Old San Juan Wednesday to commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti last year.
“Our purpose is to lift up hope for the people of Haiti in the happiest way possible. The kite, which is very popular in Haiti, is a great symbol for lifting our spirits and our hopes for them,” said coordinator Gloribel Delgado.
The kites were made in the traditional Haitian fashion, using inexpensive materials such as sticks and small branches and scrap paper. Professor Edmond Frederique, a Haitian national living in Puerto Rico for many years, offered a kite-making workshop last weekend at the Photojournalism Workshop in San Juan. Children and adults made the kites that people flew Wednesday afternoon until the exact hour the earthquake hit Haiti.
Before sent their kites into the wind, people participating in the event wrote their wishes for the reconstruction of Haiti and for the healing of its people on little scraps of paper they tied to each kite.
On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. The Haitian government estimated more than 200,000 people died as a consequence of the quake and 3 million more were in need of emergency aid.
Delgado, founder of “Misyon Lamour” (Creole for Mission of Love), said that after the earthquake, children flew kites in Port Au Prince. “You see, kites are very emblematic for Haitians.  A kite is very inexpensive and children make them out of scrap materials they scavenge from the streets,” Delgado explained. “And it is a great way to lift the spirit.”
“It is also a great symbol for a country that rises against adversity,” she said

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